Preventive Dentistry in Ooltewah, TN

preventive dentistry

At Tedford Family Dentistry in Ooltewah, TN, we offer full preventive dentistry services, to help your smile continue to sparkle brightly.

Preventive dentistry is defined as ongoing hygiene, treatment, and continued education in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. From daily brushing and flossing to teeth cleaning and examinations, preventive dentistry care can help prevent gum disease, cavities, and excessive wear of enamel.


Preventive dentistry treatment is recommended for all ages, but especially in children, for healthy oral habits. Early examinations and routine cleanings can ensure optimal dental health. Following your child’s teeth cleaning and examination, continuing recommended dental care at home can help make teeth strong, while also preventing decay and gum disease.


As the saying goes, you are what you eat. This is especially true in preventive dentistry. Consuming food and drinks that contain sugar can wear away at enamel and cause decay over time. To minimize your risk and to protect your mouth, choose a diet rich in minerals and calcium such as fruits and vegetables.


Can smoking or drinking affect my teeth and gums? The answer is yes. Smoking can cause tooth discoloration, tooth loss, increased risk of gum disease and may even result in oral cancers. If you smoke, it is recommended to visit Tedford Family Dentistry at least every 6 months for an oral examination. Alcohol can also cause similar side effects. Patients who smoke and drink are more at risk for disease.


Regular dental checkups are a form of preventive dentistry, which include dentist examinations and x-rays. Once the exam is complete, Dr. Tedford will recommend individual oral treatments to prevent sensitivity, cavities and other common conditions. Patients of all ages are recommended to take preventive dental care.

Our Family dentistry team will first check your teeth and gums and talk to you about any treatment needed, such as:
  • Remove all plaque and tartar build-up during teeth cleanings and examinations.
  • Indicate the best ways to brush and floss to remove the bacterial ‘plaque'. 
  • Assess the condition of fillings that might make cleaning difficult. 
  • Recommend or prescribe high-strength fluoride toothpaste for high-risk patients with tooth decay.
Our preventive dentistry recommends maintaining a routine at home to keep your smile shining bright. Follow these oral care tips:
  • Brush teeth twice daily. Once during the day and again at night before bed, using fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss teeth daily, as brushing only cleans up to 60% of your teeth.
  • Rinse with mouthwash. The majority of antibacterial mouthwashes contain ingredients to help prevent gum disease and to help prevent decay.
Preventive Dentistry includes:
  • Regular teeth cleanings, using state of the art tools and technology
  • Regular dental exams to prevent infection, disease, and cavities
  • Use of fluoride treatments
  • X-rays to reveal any underlying conditions the dental exam might miss
  • Tooth sealants to protect teeth
  • Dental procedures to correct misalignment, crowding, or difficulty chewing
  • Bonding, crowns, bridges, tooth implants or dentures
  • Root canal or tooth extraction procedures


To schedule your next visit with our family dentist in Ooltewah, TN contact our family dentistry office or leave us a message. We also serve Collegedale TN, Chattanooga TN, and Cleveland TN communities. Preserve your smile, take preventive dental care today!