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Keeping the Smiles of Chattanooga Healthy

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At Tedford Family Dentistry in Ooltewah, TN, we understand the importance of preventive dentistry in keeping the smiles of Chattanooga bright. With our comprehensive services, we provide patients with the knowledge and care necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Our commitment to your oral health includes regular examinations and professional cleanings as well as brushing and flossing guidance. By following our personalized plans, you can reduce your risk of gum disease, cavities, and enamel damage that can occur from a lifetime of wear. To ensure you keep your sparkling smile for years to come, contact us today to explore the world of preventive dentistry!

Are these exams and x-rays truly necessary?

Regular dental checkups are an important part of preventive dentistry and one of the best ways to protect your teeth. During these appointments, a qualified dentist like Dr. Tedford will carefully examine your mouth and use x-rays to assess the overall state of your dental health. The exam provides an opportunity for early detection of various conditions such as cavities and sensitivity, giving your dentist an opportunity to recommend treatments that can help reduce or prevent the development of these issues. Carefully following these preventive measures is essential for patients of all ages in order to maintain proper oral hygiene and ensure good long-term health.

Preventive dentistry is crucial for the smiles of Chattanooga’s children.

Regular examinations and cleanings can go a long way toward preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues. For young children, in particular, receiving such treatments regularly is even more important. Providing early encounters with the dentist has been shown to help them form (and maintain) positive impressions of dental hygiene practices later in life. Moreover, teeth that are well-maintained from a young age tend to be much stronger and healthier for longer.

Following each teeth cleaning appointment, it is also recommended that parents ensure their children continue the good habits by brushing twice daily, flossing once a day, and avoiding sugary snacks that can contribute to tooth decay. With the right attention both inside and outside of the office, preventive dentistry treatment can lead to strong teeth and excellent oral hygiene for years to come.

Let your smile join the other beautiful smiles of Chattanooga!

At our family dentistry office, we prioritize your dental health, offering preventive care services to the Ooltewah, Collegedale, Chattanooga, and Cleveland TN communities. Our skilled team of professionals works with you to assess the state of your oral health, make recommendations and develop a unique plan to help preserve your smile! Together we can detect minor problems before they become more prominent and costlier issues that are more difficult to fix. Take control of your oral well-being today - contact us to schedule your visit with our experienced family dentist!
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