Dental Clinic Insurance for Ooltewah TN

“Do you take my insurance?” This is a question that is asked in our Ooltewah TN dental clinic daily. The answer is almost always a “yes”. Unless you have an insurance policy that states you must see a specified provider for benefits to be paid, then we accept your insurance.

Our dental clinic is a preferred provider for BlueCross BlueShield of TN, Cigna, Delta Dental and Met Life. Being a preferred provider means we are contracted with those insurance companies and accept their designated fees as our own. We submit our fees, and if their fees are lower, we accept their fee, and do what is called a write off for the difference.

If you have a policy with an insurance company for which we are not a preferred provider, we will still gladly submit a claim to that company. What we have found is that many insurance companies accept our fees and pay the assigned benefit accordingly (e.g. Ameritas will pay 100% of a $71 cleaning and 100% of $50 bitewing x-rays if you have a policy with Ameritas that pays 100% for preventative care).

When you come to our dentist office, we treat you according to your dental needs, and do not let insurance companies dictate care. Sometimes, limiting your care to what insurance policies will allow is detrimental to your oral health. We always estimate to our best knowledge what insurance will cover, but we also make it very clear what the patient’s portion will be BEFORE any work is completed.

Furthermore, if you ever have any questions about what your insurance company will pay, we can submit to the insurance company what is called a pre-treatment estimate. This lets us know exactly what to expect from the insurance company.