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Give the gift of better oral health wiht our holiday gift guide

Holiday Gift Guide for Better Oral Health

There’s a time and place for practical gifts, and our team at Tedford Family Dentistry thinks gifts that help promote better oral health are always a great way to go. So this year as you’re doing your holiday shopping, consider some of these top items from our holiday gift guide for better oral health!

1– Electric Toothbrush

It’s a little luxurious, and a little boujee, but also such a nice thing to have– the electric toothbrush. Help that loved one in your life take their brushing up a notch. With cool options like Quip or Sonicare, you could even gift your loved one an ongoing subscription for top-of-the-line dental supplies.

2– Sugar Free Gum

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer for your kids or significant other, consider sugar free gum to accompany all the chocolate candy this year. Chewing gum can actually have a positive impact on your dental health by stimulating your mouth’s production of saliva. Steer clear of sugary gums though, as these can promote tooth decay.

3– Water Flosser

Let’s be real. Most of us don’t take flossing as seriously as we should, and could use a little extra motivation in this important department of dental hygiene. So consider giving the give of a water flosser. Water flossers use water pressure to help clean between the teeth. A lot of people prefer this method to traditional dental floss, finding it more effective and more comfortable. Waterpik® is a great brand for water flossers you can check out.

4– Teeth Whitening

There’s nothing like the confidence boost you get from loving your own smile. So maybe this holiday season you give the gift of professional teeth whitening treatments to a loved one, or better yet– treat yourself this year! Our team at Tedford can help you achieve your best smile with our in-office whitening services.

5– Dental Travel Kit

Lots of us travel during the holidays, and it’s nice to be set up to take great care of your teeth while you’re on the go. Another great gift idea is a travel dental kit put together by hand. Select a great travel toiletry bag, and fill it with travel size toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, mints, and anything else you think fits the bill. Bonus: this person will think of you with every trip taken!

So while you’re doing your holiday shopping this year, think about how you can give the gift of a healthier smile to the ones you love the most. We hope our holiday gift guide serves as inspiration for your most practical yet loveable gifts for better oral health in the upcoming year! Cheers and happy holidays, from all of us at Tedford!

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