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Tuesday, 28 April 2020 12:50

Tips for When You Can’t See the Dentist

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Home Remedies for Toothaches COVID-19 has changed our daily lives in so many ways, and social distancing or sheltering in place means we don’t have the luxury of rushing out to see our Chattanooga dentist at the first sign of a dental problem. That said, we’ve rounded up some home remedies for toothaches and other tips that might help you avoid dental disasters during these difficult times. Not having ready access to a dentist means you should definitely pay extra attention to your regular dental hygiene habits. Be sure to make brushing your teeth and flossing a priority. It shouldn’t be an issue since we’re all spending so much extra time at home, right? Another important thing is to make sure you’re wearing your night guard regularly if you have one. Many of us grind our teeth at night while sleeping, and suffer from bruxism, which can cause a lot…
Thursday, 12 March 2020 15:01

Best & Worst Foods for Your Child's Teeth

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Tips for Cultivating Children's Dental Health Protecting your child’s teeth from decay and other problems is an important task for parents, and there’s lots of advice out there– good and bad. We all know cavities and dental problems can be both painful and costly, so working to actively avoid them for ourselves and our kids is something to approach with intention. Did you know that certain foods are great for dental health, while others can be particularly damaging? Our expert pediatric dentists at Tedford Family Dentistry in Ooltewah have compiled a list of best and worst foods for your child’s teeth, so you can stay informed and take a proactive approach to teaching your children healthy dental hygiene. Worst Foods for Your Child’s Teeth Sugary Drinks– You guessed it! You may not be aware of just how teeth-damaging sugary drinks and sodas can be. The acids and sugars beverages like…
Wednesday, 19 February 2020 14:46

Myths about Flossing– Debunked

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When it comes to oral hygiene, there are many myths floating around that may cause confusion about what actually IS right, good for you, and necessary when it comes to your dental health. How often should you see your Chattanooga dentist? How many times a day should you brush your teeth and for how long? And then there’s flossing. What are the hard and fast rules about flossing your teeth? And what myths beg busting? Below are a few flossing myths your friends at Tedford Family Dentistry would like to debunk in effort to afford you some clarity on the subject.   ONE: You only need to floss if you have food stuck in your teeth. OK, no. It’s certainly true that flossing comes in handy when you have annoying food particles stuck between your teeth; however, that’s not the sole purpose of this dental care task. Flossing your teeth…
When it comes to dentistry for children, you may be totally lost as a new parent. In fact, parents have a million things to think about, learn, and frankly figure out how to do right, but knowing what your child needs and when can be tricky sometimes. Especially as a brand new parent, there are a great deal of unknowns– but when it comes to your child’s dental health, there doesn’t have to be. Our staff at Tedford Family Dentistry in Ooltewah is here to guide you as you work to ensure your child or children have the healthiest teeth possible, and the best pediatric dental care Chattanooga has to offer, and the knowledge and tools necessary to properly care for their teeth for the long haul. Dentistry for Children– When to Start Cleanings Great dental care and habits should start early. How early? Well, as soon as your baby…
Thursday, 12 December 2019 13:24

New Year’s Resolution? Healthy Gums and Teeth

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Make Healthy Gums and Teeth a Goal This Year! As the end of the year approaches, we all do a little soul searching, setting intentions for the new year. It’s always nice to have a clean slate– a fresh start of sorts. The first of the year is the perfect time, if there ever was one, to resolve yourself to taking better care of your teeth! Maintaining healthy gums and healthy teeth is a really lovely goal to work towards on your own or maybe with your whole family. The thing about New Year's resolutions is you’ve got to be realistic, and do whatever you can to set yourself up for success. One great way to achieve this is to work toward a common goal with your whole family. You and your partner and kids can all work toward healthy gums and teeth together! Make it a goal. Here are…
Cosmetic Dental Services in Ooltewah TN Perhaps once upon a time, all you wanted for Christmas was your two front teeth– but now as an adult, maybe there’s still room for you to love your own smile more? It’s amazing the level of confidence you can find in having a beautiful, white smile. If that’s something you aspire to, our expert staff at Tedford Family Dentistry wants to help. At our office in Ooltewah TN, we offer all kinds of cosmetic dentistry services, and there’s never been a better time to take steps toward your best smile– just in time for the holidays. At our office, we can help with dental implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening for your brightest smile, cosmetic fillings, and contouring. No matter what condition your teeth are in, our dental staff is here to help restore your smile, whether that’s with something as simple as a…
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 11:48

Don't Let Your Sweet Tooth Come Back to Bite You!

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How to Prevent Cavities During the Upcoming Holidays It’s candy season, folks, and it all kicks off with Halloween. Late October ushers in the several-month-long stretch of holiday parties at school, at the office, with friends, and with family– and the common thread running through these get togethers? Abounding treats. Halloween is the first of the candy-laden holidays, and every kid you know is soon to have a pillowcase full of sugary confections they will indulge in for weeks to come. First Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas. The treats will be in full supply all the way through the New Year, and the near constant intake of sugar can really take its toll on teeth. For this reason, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of how you can prevent cavities and tooth decay from sneaking up on you throughout the holiday season.   1- Prioritize Regular Brushing and Flossing…
Tuesday, 10 September 2019 12:38

Low Cost Dental Care

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Chattanooga Family Dentists Think Sealants Are Key to Low Cost Dental Care The staff at Tedford Family Dentistry in Ooltewah, TN always stresses the importance of taking care of your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing, avoiding sugary food and drinks, and consistent cleanings and dental exams are all crucial in maintaining a healthy mouth. When we slack on these things, the effects can often be painful and extremely costly to rectify. Filling cavities, getting root canals and needing crowns are things we all want to avoid. But in addition to proper cleaning, dental sealants are a great way to help keep tooth decay at bay. Where are the sealants applied? Molars can be rough and craggy, with lots of tight nooks and crannies for food particles and bacteria to hide. This is where sealants come in! You can actually safeguard your child’s molars with these thin, protective coatings that can…
Thursday, 29 August 2019 19:02

Pediatric Dentistry: The Key to Lifelong Oral Health

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Start ’em early! It’s never too soon to start imparting to your children the importance of good oral hygiene. Experts say as soon as your baby starts getting teeth in, you should begin cleaning them, and here at Tedford Family Dentistry we fully subscribe to this belief. You can start by wiping your baby’s teeth clean with a soft cloth and warm water. When your baby reaches the 18 months mark, you can begin brushing your baby’s teeth with a pea-sized amount of low-fluoride toothpaste. As they grow, they can begin taking more and more ownership of the task, but for a good while, they will need a lot of help and supervision. Establishing these good oral health habits out the gate will help reduce the risk of tooth decay and cavities in baby teeth, of course, but getting into an early routine of regular brushing will also likely carry…
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