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Dental Care Products to Shake Up Your Routine

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Oral Health Chattanooga

Toothpaste tablets and oral health Chattanooga

Dental hygiene is critical, but sometimes gets tossed to the back burner if we’re running late, tired, or just don’t feel like facing the dentist for that much-needed check up. Here’s the thing though, the teeth you have are the only ones you’ll ever have, so taking great care of them is imperative. That said, if you need to rally with some new, fun, dental care products to ramp up your oral health game, we’ve got some suggestions for products you should check out. In the meantime, schedule an appointment with our team at Tedford Family Dentistry, because when it comes to oral health Chattanooga, we’ve got your back all the way.

The Electric Toothbrush, Only Smarter

You have likely tried electric toothbrushes before, but the technology going into them is greater and more impressive than ever before. Switching from a regular toothbrush to a sleek, electric one with a spinning head can serve to motivate you to brush more frequently, and will help you be more effective in the process. We love the Oral-B 6000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush.

Say goodbye to replacing batteries, as this tool from Oral-B is rechargeable. More than that, this toothbrush actually features bluetooth connectivity so you can pair it to your smartphone for real-time feedback about how well you’re doing on the toothbrushing front. This powerful tool can remove up to 300% more plaque along the gumline than a manual toothbrush can. How’s that for upping your oral health game? Read more about this toothbrush on the Oral-B site.

Toothpaste Tablets

Another way to reimagine your approach to oral health care at home is by using toothpaste tablets. Totally hygienic, and generally tidier than tube toothpaste, toothpaste tablets are easy to use, and perform just like regular toothpaste when it comes to cleaning teeth. One of the great features of using tablets is they prevent cross-contamination, which is particularly helpful when it comes to the spread of germs. Other benefits to these tiny tablets include easy storage and ease of use for travel. They also result in less waste, and often feature recyclable packaging! (Did you know that nearly 1 billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfills yearly?) They also help promote better dental health habits as they make brushing your teeth extremely convenient.

Fun Floss Flavors

Let’s admit that most of us don’t floss as often as we should. Dentists agree that you should floss at least once per day, but twice is better, and flossing your teeth after each meal is even better. It’s important to actively remove bits of left behind food while also mitigating the formation of plaque between the teeth with regular flossing. One way to encourage yourself to reach for the floss more frequently is by finding a fun new flavor.

Cocofloss is a brand we love that comes in a variety of flavors, and this floss is also coated in coconut oil which serves to help gently scrub away plaque. Coconut oil is also a natural antimicrobial, working to sooth the gums while also fighting cavity-causing plaque build up. Try the fun flavors this brand has to offer like the classic Delicious Mint, or go for something more left field like Fresh Coconut, Pure Strawberries, or Cara Cara Orange. You won’t be disappointed, and neither will your gums.

With these different products, you can revive your home oral health habits, and have a little fun in the process. If it’s time for a check up or dental cleaning, contact our team at Tedford Family Dentistry. We care about oral health Chattanooga, and we’d love to help you get and stay on track for your best oral health ever.

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